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Date: 2018-04-19
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South Korea;


Hi, I am a student called Danny in IG1.3.  I am from Korea and I am 12 in China(13 in Korea). I stayed in DEPU for 2 months and half long if I subtract the days in Winter Vacation. So As I stayed in DEPU for two months and half actually it was great. 

The dorm was very good and the foods were perfect. But I had some difficulties in my study. Because I couldn't understand Chinese. In most of the classes were in Chinese that first I couldn't know what they were talking about. At the end they became boring to me somehow. For example, Math 1, Biology, Art, Music... etc.

But magical happened! Teachers and students helped me so much to learn Chinese so that my Chinese is  better than when I came in DEPU. So I am happy right now;the life in DEPU. I also like the activities that it is happening in DEPU: the third sports meeting, math competition, TED speech,Spelling Bee...etc. But I didn't get any place at the third sports meeting...So sad. I hope this will continue forever, thank you very much!


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