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Zhang Ren

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Master of Finance from Liverpool University

Bilingual Continuing Mathematics/Mathematics teacher

Teaching Director of International Department

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and bachelor of English Language and Literature


Outstanding teacher at a school level and excellent academic advisor, who has instructed students in several international contests to award-winning performances



“The essence of education is not teaching, but awakening. Once children’s creative power and sense of worth are awakened, the forty minutes in every class session becomes the best time for them, and every classroom becomes a favorite place for them to go.”


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2018 - 05 - 18
On May 4, 2017, Depu Yufeng Equestrian Club was established.
2018 - 05 - 18
Chongqing Depu Foreign Language School officially signs a strategic cooperation agreement with Chongqing Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment. Chongqing Depu Foreign Language School becomes a top-choice school in Chongqing for children of foreign businessmen. A beautiful campus, strong faculty, outstanding quality of education and rich international atmosphere are all important facto...
2018 - 05 - 18
The 1:1 replicas of the Palace Museum were exhibited in the school library.
2018 - 05 - 18
Chongqing’s first American Football MVP is born at Depu!
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