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Khurram Shezad

Khurram Shezad

Date: 2018-03-23
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PhD Chemistry

M.Sc Chemistry

Bachelor of Education

 A-Level/IGCSE Chemistry Teacher

Worked as a Chemistry Lecturer in Pakistan from 2008 to 2013

Worked as an IGCSE chemistry teacher at International Curriculum Center, Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School, Hebei, China.



Everyone is genius in the world; it depends on the guidance he or she gets. All children are capable of learning. As a teacher, my responsibility is to encourage, motivate and guide my students so they can achieve their goals in life.

As a teacher, we need to boost up their confidence which is a key on the road of their success. I strongly encourage critical and creative thinking in my students through group discussions and interactive teaching lessons. In addition, I assign them a task to work as a team to complete the task. By working in groups, they learn the importance of cooperation and teamwork and when they are ready to join their practical lives they will not only be educated individuals, but they will be good citizens to lift up our society on the global level.


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